Wednesday, 24 September 2014

PEEL Paragraph

My Dad:

My Dad is the ultimate father because he is thoughtful. Firstly, my dad is thoughtful because he pays attention to everything that others say. Like Christmas last year when about 5 months before christmas I said that a Martian Manhunter model looked cool and on christmas day I opened the rapping and it was The Martian Manhunter model. Secondly, My Dad is thoughtful because he can always tell when I or anyone else is sad. Like the time when I came home and just casually walked into my room and about 2 minutes later my Dad came i and said "Whats Wrong," and I was stunned that he knew I was hiding something. Finally,  My Dad can make me anyone absolutely over the moon when they are down. I say this because of the time when my brother hurt himself my dad in five minutes had my brother smiling and playing around and all Dad had to do was be himself, and i love him for that. In conclusion my dad is the most thoughtful person in the world.

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