Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Holiday Plan

This is a table I created on what I could do in the holidays that is under $100 my total is $64.50

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Christmas puzzle

In class we had to create a christmas puzzle and I made a dot to dot 

Can YOU solve it???????

Here is the link to the website I made it on link 

Monday, 8 December 2014


For this blog post we had to find Christmas gifts for our family and our budget was $300 (not real money)

I would buy this xbox one game for my dad because he has wanted this game since it came out
Price= $84.99 and shipping is free off trade me.

This Gift is for my Brother Finn because he is very fond of superheros and he has seen this in the shop before and he said "Can I buy this" quite a few times.
Price= $21.32 this is also free shipping

This is for my step mum Andrea due to the fact that she likes to sit outside while reading her magazines.
Price= $140.00 The shipping price is free only with a buy now purchase

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Virtual Countries

These are some places you can take a virtual tour on the internet:

 Japanese House
Oxford University
Universal Studios
Lego Land

A virtual tour is a very good thing for people that do not have the money to actually go somewhere. They can also be a very bad thing as well. My reasons behind virtual tours being bad is that people who go through the internet and see heps of virtual tours it is possible that if the person is always on the tours. When they actually have the money to go there, they don't want to because they will think that they have already seen the world and it will only be a merage of pixels on a screen. On the other hand a good reason for virtual tours is the educational value. Example, a kid is in his class and his teacher tells him to research a museum of some sort and the kid I not very good at reading. He could take a virtual tour of the museum which would be better for him and he would learn more.

The best virtual tour that I have seen is a tour of a Japanese house. This tour is good because it is very interactive and it teaches you the basics of why a Japanese house is like. The worst virtual tour I have seen is any youtube tour due to the fact that you do not get to choose or decide where you go next or decide where you look.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Next Year

Leave your list of advice and guidance for Room 42 Year 7 students at the start of next year.

  • The best drinking fountain is in Rata
  • Boys wear their PE shorts under their school shorts for connivance
  • Do not go behind the turf otherwise you will get caught
  • The drinking fountain in front of room 29 is faulty so when you turn it on move out of the way to avoid embarrassment.
  • When you do PE and you are doing ZUMBA don't be afraid to let free your feminine side.
  • I know this is very temping but you do not and I repeat DO NOT climb trees
  • Remember to do your homework because Miss C will kill you otherwise
  • Make the right friends
  • Don't abuse the opportunity that you have to work with laptops instead of books

Life Ed Movie

Sound quality: The quality was good and there were few moments where the audio was pitchy but all round 7/10

Camera skill: The camera angle were well done and the camera did not shake throughout the film the effects on the other hand there were none. All round 8/10

Acting: The Acting was good and no one had a robotic performance and all round 9/10

Editing: The was not much editing in the film and the team could have used more of the time to put in some interesting transactions to make the movie better. 5/10

Poem: The poem was a good poem and well thought out but it flashed across the screen to quickly. 4/10

Teamwork: The teamwork was good in the movie but of screen it was very poor and the team did not function very well and we did not come together as a team at all. 1/10