Monday, 24 November 2014

Life Ed Movie

Sound quality: The quality was good and there were few moments where the audio was pitchy but all round 7/10

Camera skill: The camera angle were well done and the camera did not shake throughout the film the effects on the other hand there were none. All round 8/10

Acting: The Acting was good and no one had a robotic performance and all round 9/10

Editing: The was not much editing in the film and the team could have used more of the time to put in some interesting transactions to make the movie better. 5/10

Poem: The poem was a good poem and well thought out but it flashed across the screen to quickly. 4/10

Teamwork: The teamwork was good in the movie but of screen it was very poor and the team did not function very well and we did not come together as a team at all. 1/10

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