Sunday, 2 November 2014

Is the book disappearing

Are books disappearing? People say that books in over forty years from now will be a thing of the past. By this I mean that technology will take the world by storm and there will be museums about books and every book that is not in a museum will be sold to the highest bidder which could be sold for over 20,000 dollars. If you believe that this will happen, you might want to hang onto your "book book" because in the future those books could make you very, very wealthy.

People of all ages these days prefer to read off e-book readers, I-pads or anything electronic because it is apparently "easier" that is just lazy. Why don't people just get off their electronic devices and go pick up an ACTUAL book for once.

In my class 10/31 kids have e-book readers or i-pads that they read off which is less than half but that doesn't mean any thing due to the fact that in my class we are multimedia which means that we all read off technology and barley any of us read real books.  

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