Sunday, 25 May 2014

Miss C has an eye Problem

Miss C: "Hi Dr Mike"
Dr Mike: "Hi Wendy, how are you feeling"
Miss C: "Good, but my eye stings a bit"
Dr Mike: "Okay let me have a look"
Miss C: "kay but it better not hurt"
(Miss C shows Dr Mike her eye)

Dr Mike: "That is pretty bad, The condition is called Subconjunctival hemorrhage"
Miss C: "What does that mean"
Dr Mike: "So you said it stings on a scale of one to ten, ten being unbearable how much does it hurt"
Miss C: "Three"
Dr Mike: "That is not too bad, do you know how this came about?"
Miss C: "I do not know, but I was sick a while back could that be the cause"
Dr Mike: "No, It is usually cased by a small bleed behind the conjunctiva"
Miss C: "Ok"
Dr Mike: I will give you some pain killers from the chemist, here have this note and take it to the chemist and you will get your pain killers"
Miss C: "Kay Thank you, bye"

(Miss C walks out)

Pro: If You have a suspected concussion recite the alphabet over and over again two times.
Con: If you have a suspected concussion it might not help to do that because you might think to hard and become tired.

Pro: A good thing is you can look on the internet to see if you are ok.
Con: A bad thing is that the internet could be wrong and someone could have sabotaged the internet.

Pro: A good thing is that you could email someone to see what is wrong.
Con: A bad thing is the person on the email can't judge it correctly because he can not see you.


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