Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Crafty African Bird 'Cries Wolf' To Steal Food

Here is the article I read.
A.Stellar Q.The Drongo has a what reputation?

A.25% Q.How much of the time does the Drongo mimic to steal?

A.50 Q.How many spices does the Drongo mimic from?

A.Shaped like a fork Q.What is The Drongo's tail shaped like?

A.Mimicry Q.What skill does the Drongo use to steal the food?

A.To obtain another animal’s food Q.The Drongo uses mimicry...?

A.The animal with food hears an alarm call from its friends, drops the food and runs. Q.What do the other animals do when the Drongo calls?

A.Ruse Q.Whats another word for distraction?

A.pied babblers, sociable weavers and even mammals like meerkats! Q.What does the Drongo usually steal from?

A.Hawks and eagles Q. What is The Drongo not afraid to take on?

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