Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Click Cards

A new system has started at my school, it's called Click Cards. They are blue and red and you have to put your name, house and class on them. What you do is every day at the end of the day you get a click on your card but if you are away or bad you do not get a click. There is as system for being bad, first you get a verbal warning then your name on the board then if you carry on you you get a cross next to your name and then you do not get a click. There are 40 clicks per card if you fill this up you get a band of the colour of your house and you get to wear it for the rest of the year. You can get up to 3 bands and then you will receive a badge. There is also new cards that you get out in lunchtime for good deeds and you go to the library and put the card in your house box and two will be drown at house Hui and then at the end of every term at assembly the pull out one card from each house and they get a cool hoodie.  

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