Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dangerous Decibels

  • The point where the time limit on the sound starts is at 85dB
  • Anything under 70dB you can listen to as much as you want
  • There are tiny straight hairs in your ears
  • If the hair in your ears get mangled up you may suffer major hearing loss
  • Under water your ears could hurt if they do not equalise properly
  • If your ears hurt when you are deep underwater you need to swim back up because your ear drums may pop. 
  • When you hear things you are actually listening with your brain.
  • Your ears when you hear things transfer the sound wave up to your brain so you can react to the sound.
  • Your ears drums are as thin as paper
  • You can not stick anything in your ears because you could risk it hitting your air drum and it may pop.
  • ear wax is a natuall cleaning agent for your ear.
  • The candle things that suck out the ear wax from you ear are not recommended.
  • it is very bad to be at the frount of a rock concert because the dBs are too high.
  • You are not supposed to wear your headphones on full volume all night.
  • You should not have your headphones on full volume for too long.
  • when you block your ears when you are having a conversation you are experiencing hearing loss.
  • When you are talking to someone it is  better to talk to them at the frount just incase they have hearing loss so they now you are talking to them
  • There are some people who get water trapped in  their ears and they need to use grommets to get the water out.
  • If you suffer from hearing loss tell someone so they can help you get though it.
  • It is better to use the big headphones instead of the earplugs because the earplugs go into your ear while the big headphones are on  the outside of your ears
  • Don't play music from your radio too loud otherwise it can damage your ears.
  • Do not scream in someones ear because it can damage their ear drums

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