Sunday, 17 August 2014

Limb and Life

Research about the guy from the Limb and Life article you’ve been reading in CSI.

Write questions for the following answers:
Q. How old is Cameron Clapp?
A. 28

Q. When did Cameron lose his limbs?
A. September 15, 2001

Q. How did Cameron lose his limbs?
A. He was hit by a train.

Q. What replacements did he get?
A. He has 3. One each for walking, running & swimming

Q. What film did Cameron star in?
A .2008 feature film Stop-Loss.

Q. What does Cameron Clapp do some of the time?
A. He gives motivational talks to soldiers who have lost limbs.

Q. How much does each prosthetic limb loss?
A. $40,000 each.

Q.What type of limbs does Cameron have?
A. Prosthetic.

Q. What parts of Cameron's body are prosthetic?
A. His right arm and both legs.

Q. What did Cameron say in one of his first speeches?
A.  "I left the wheelchair five months after the accident and I don’t want to have to use it again."

Find and watch a recent video of Cameron. Embed the video.

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