Monday, 23 June 2014

Social Experiment

I predict that this video is about a man who goes around the country and gets some random people off the street and putting them in a social area and see how the subject reacts to the environment. I also think it is that because of the fact it has the word experiment in the title witch means that someone is trying to find some thing out bye testing object or living creatures to do something to get results. It is like science fair where you have an aim and you have to find it out by experimenting and once you have finished you get your results.

To find out how people would react to bad comments and good comments from a radio.

I think that people will react confused with good comments and bad comments because if people can not see the person who is saying it they could be confused.

Equipment & Method:
A radio
What you need to do is place a radio on the conner of a popular street e.g. Queens street in Auckland.
After you have completed that you need to set up the radio with a microphone and hide somewhere so when you speak into the microphone it will come out of the radio. (make sure you can see the people that walk past the radio)
Whenever anyone comes past insult or give the person a comment and see how they react.

The results show that people are confused with the good and bad comments but when they hear the good comments they smile and laugh and with the bad ones the look around and frown at the radio.

In conclusion different people have different reactions to different things e.g. if you hear a bad comment you want to look around to find the person and find out why they said that. If you get a good comment you want to still find out who said it but you will have a different feeling.  

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