Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Correcting Writing

It was a Monday morning I just got woken up by my Mum to get ready for school I got out of bed and reached down for my uniform but it wasn't there. I looked under my bed under my pillows but I couldn't find my uniform anywhere. "Kaidin, have you gotten in the shower yet." 
"No mum, I cant find my uniform."
"Well you better find it quick or you will be going to school in your onesie."
"But mum I can't find it anywhere it’s like it just disappeared."
"Oh sure just like all your other stuff huh Kaidin." I got a note to go to school which says that my uniform is lost and that I have to wear mufti just for today which was a pain because every teacher I walked past asked why i'm in mufti and where my uniform is so I just showed them the note and moved on. When I got home I went to go grab my iPod from where I always put it but I looked and that wasn't there either. I yelled out to my mum. "Mum have you seen my iPod?" 
"No, but do you know where you last put it?" "
"Mum if I knew where I last put it do you think i'd be asking you where it is." 
"Sorry just trying to help." I thought to myself that i'll try to find it later so I run into my room to go on my PS3 but surprise surprise it’s not there "Mum!" 

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