Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Picture Message

Here is the photo.
Book vs movie
It is about which is better books or movies. I personally think that book is better because it is more detailed and you get to use your imagination to think of what you are reading looks like. On the other hand movies are good to because it is more entertaining to watch and relax and just be lazy. I think the photo is about film vs book because there is more ice under water than there is on the surface so the book can tell more while the movie is limited.

Here is the next photo.
it is about leadership. I think it is that because of the red man with all the others around him listing to him and he has his hand up so I think he is trying to encourage a team for a game of some kind or something like that. Or the other reason is that the men are crowding the guy to make fun of him when he is trying to be cool.

Here is the next photo.
Messy tenant
I think that the photo is about the frustration of a person who is renting their house out and sees this in the house. on the other hand it could be about a person who has been to lazy to clean or to pick up anything and is just does not want to do anything and sits on a game console all day long.

Here is the photo I found.
Jump off bridge.
This is about the saying if your friend jumps of fa bridge would you do it to. On the other hand it could be about some friend who just want to experience the thrill of jumping off a bridge.


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