Sunday, 5 May 2013

Australian MADNESS

Today after school I am going to Aukland for the night and then in the morning  my dad, his girlfriend and her son and I are getting on a plane and going to  Brisbane Australia. After that we will drive down to the Gold Coast. I am excited to go to Movie World because I want to go on the ride GREEN LANTERN. I found out about the ride because my dad told me about it. We will have some chill time even though I Dont want to at all I want it to be full on the whole time. My nana net gave me 50 dollars in Australian money because she wanted me to get something cool.

I know what I want to get already. I want a Batman Arkham City series 4 Nightwing model, because I have Batman and Azreal already and if I had Nightwing I would be really happy about it. When we go to Movie world my dad said that he would go on all the rides with me and then my dads girlfriend Andrea will take me on some of them to.

Tonight when we are at the hotel I am going to chill and get a good night sleep so when we get up early I wont be grumpy. My dads girlfriends son Finn is so annoying sometimes but most of the time he is cool and calm. The other thing I want to buy is a whole lot of comic books from a comic book shop. There are not any specific comics I want but they have to be DC comics.          

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  1. Great description on what you are going to do. I really enjoyed your post.